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There is no reason to go though this alone. As Certified Financial Planners with extensive experience and a true fiduciary responsibility to you and your finances, we will walk you though the process.
The best part… our Federal Benefit Seminars don’t need to cost you a dime!  So what’s stopping you?
The benefits of our service
There are more than just a few people claiming to “specialize” in helping federal employees understand their federal retirement and benefits, but these companies are not all the same.  We hope that you consider the knowledge and dedication to service that  Personal Benefit Financial provides federal employees for over 45 years.

Not All Federal Seminar Trainers Are The Same:

Would you benefit from a Seminar training on Pre-Retirement with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)?  We hope so and with the new fiduciary ruling coming about how advisors must work with clients, we as CFP’s ® are already in that role and have been for over 45 years.  Working with Personal Benefit Financial has its benefits and here are just a few of them:


Fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care and your retirement planning deserves nothing less.  At PBF, you can trust that you are working with someone that has your best interest in mind.


Knowing that you’re working with a CFP professional who has a clean and clear record can be important when you’re dealing with your retirement;  you have that with Personal Benefit Financial.


Knowing that you’re working with a CFP professional who has a clean and clear record can be important when you’re dealing with your retirement;  you have that with Personal Benefit Financial.


With over 45 years in business, you can trust in our dedication to serving Federal Employees.  We are happy to provide you with client references so that you can feel personally assured that you’re working with the right team.
What can you learn in our Personalized Federal Retirement and Benefits Seminars?
We customize our seminars so that you receive the information that matters the most to you.

General Retirement Planning

  • Preparation tips for a smooth retirement transition
  • Checking and updating all your beneficiaries on all programs
  • What you need to know about retirement planning as a government employee

Social Security

  • Can you work after drawing SS and how will that effect you
  • Understanding Windfall Elimination Provision
  • Understanding Government Pension Offset
  • Cost of living adjustments regarding SS
  • Why you need to time taking your social security benefits

Survivor Benefit Planning

  • Who can benefit from the survivor benefit program
  • What are the costs
  • What to consider at retirement if you elect a SBP

FERS Special Retirement Supplement

  • What are the eligibility requirements
  • Calculating benefits
  • Will working after “retirement” effect you and how

Your TSP & Financial Principles

  • Tax-Advantaged Investing
  • Investment Choices, Dig in Deep
  • Loans?
  • Withdrawals Pre-Retirement & Post-Retirement
  • Risk vs Reward
  • Sequence of Returns
  • Timing of Withdrawals
  • What is Volatility and Can it be Controlled?
  • Critical Decisions for Retirement

The Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS)

  • Understanding eligibility requirements
  • Choosing the best retirement dates to get the most out of your benefits
  • Special considerations for the various government agencies
  • How to properly calculate the CSRS & FERS annuity
  • Un-complicating any unused sick or annual leave at retirement
  • Getting the most out of your voluntary contribution plan
  • Getting cost of living adjustments in your retirement plan

Federal Employees Health Benefits

  • FEHB tax advantages
  • Can you keep FEHB after you retire
  • FEHB & Medicare Part B
  • Considerations for federal couples
  • Common and not so common missteps to avoid

Federal Long Term Care Insurance

  • What does long term care really cover
  • Other options to pay for Long Term Care
  • What options are available though FLTCIP
  • Any specific eligibility requirements

Taxes on Federal Pensions

  • Make sure you understand the federal & state tax implications
  • Which states are the most retirement friendly

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

  • Coverage and cost while employed
  • FEGLI changes & options available after you retire
  • Optimization of your choices within the TSP system while still working
  • Maximizing government contributions
  • Getting familiar with your personal risk tolerance
  • Mixing outside assets with your TSP

Estate Planning

  • What happens when someone does without a will in place
  • Understanding the difference between a trust and a will and when you need them
  • Putting a living will in place
  • The ins’ and outs’ of titling

Everything Your Insurance Agent Never Told You

  • Home, Auto & Umbrella Policies
  • Major Holes in Polices
  • Liability Covered How?
  • Titling – How to Fix

Getting a Solid Overview

  • Understand the financial impact of all the possible decisions you need to make
  • Understand that not knowing is like tossing the benefit away
  • Be proactive before you think you “need” to be for the best retirement
  • Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your decisions
  • Understanding the timing clocks that are always on play
  • The paperwork timing factor
Learning more about your benefits is a great choice if …
You hope to retire once you’ve reached retirement age
You don’t want to leave ANY benefits on the table when you retire
You care about your family and want to make sure they are taken care of if something happens to you
You don’t completely understand everything that is or could be in play with the federal benefit system but you would like to know more
What you will leave with when you take this course …
A better understanding of your benefits
Solid action steps you can start working on immediately after you leave the class
Guidance regarding where to go for more information when you need it
Confidence in your financial future and retirement plans
Please feel free to call our office but just in case, here are some common question that may help you:

Is there a fee for the course?

No, there is actually no fee at all for the course. The only cost involved with our course is the cost of the book. The book costs $10 per person but you can print that out yourself if you prefer.

What should I look for in a Federal Benefits Trainer?

Things to review at

  • What is their employment record?
  • How many times have they switched firms? (i.e. job stability)
  • Have they been subject to disciplinary actions?
  • Have they any complaints against them?
  • Have they committed fraud?
  • Are they a CFP?

Am I "required" to use your services to take the class?

You will never be obligated to work with any specific person. Our goal is to build a relationship with you and if that happens we would love to work with you but there is absolutely no obligation.

Why is it so important to work with a Certified Financial Planner?

Not all trainers have the designation of CFP®

A Certified Financial Planner is a financial professional who meets all the requirements established by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. While others my call themselves financial planners, only those who demonstrate the requisite experience, education, and ethical standards are awarded the CFP® mark. Know who you are hiring; you don’t want to risk a liability nor do you want to put yourself or your employees at risk.

Where are the seminars held?

At your office, in our beautiful classroom near Lakewood HS or at another location that is convenient for your team.

How long is a seminar?

Our seminars are customized to your needs but generally they range from a half day, a whole day or 2 days.
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